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1. Aoki’s Realistic Bokeh 2
This is a really great set of brushes to add a touch of Bokeh effect to Photoshop work. Bokeh is the Japanese word, which is now used more generally as photographic term, to describe the quality of ‘being out of focus’ or ‘blurred’. It can produce some stunning effects, particularly on twinkling patches of light, and this is exactly what this set recreates.
2. Spray Set Two
A dash of graffiti art can create a grungy, urban edge to designs, and that’s what this useful set offers: 20 high-quality spray paint spots and splashes.
3. Z-DESIGN Tech brush set v5: INTERFACE
This stunning set is one of the best collection of tech brushes going, a massive selection of diagnostic diagrams and info graphics to add a techno theme to backgrounds and interfaces.
4. Glow Brushes II
These cool brushes are ideal for using for backgrounds and graphic fills, but can be used for any number of other purposes. The set features glowing, swirling smoke and water-style brushes that may be layered to great effect.
5. 50 Deadly Tron Grids
This set is unashamedly inspired by science-fiction movie Tron, with the super cool retro-futuristic aesthetic of dynamic grids, which are best when coloured with neon gradients.
6. Let’s Go Grunge
This collection presents 26 brushes with a variety of grungy and distressed textures, extremely useful for adding roughness and grime to design work.
7. 15 Vector Ink Strokes
These vector brush strokes offer a choice of stroke type and density, and include stippled ‘dab’ type marks, great for adding a ‘handmade’ look to blogs and design projects.
8. Moldy Paper
This set presents 15 fantastically mouldy, crumpled paper brushes with a choice of different rough textures.
9. Aura Brushes
Floral, spiral, circular and geometrical elements combine to make up the shapes in this set of three stylish brushes.
10. Dried Blood Splatters
This set presents a huge variety of dried blood splashes, splats and dribbles. The title may sound a little gruesome, but by changing the colour the brushes can be used for other grungy, inky effects.
11. Lost In Space Brushes
Taking images from NASA and other space photography sources, the creator of this set has made a stunning collection of 39 brushes to add stars, galaxies and other celestial bodies to designs. Used delicately, these brushes can add a sprinkle of space dust to photo projects.
12. 2Bit-Twilight Brushes
This set of 12 brushes is useful for adding abstract, two-bit twilight sparkle to design work.
13. WaterColor
Made using real watercolour scans, this set offers a range of brush marks and splashes for creating fresh painterly additions to digital images.
14. QuadGrunged
QuadGrunged presents a selection of 10 grungy brushes, particularly useful for applying to dark and grimy border designs
15. Doodle Line Brushes
This cute collection features doodle line designs, which are especially suited to borders and divisions in personal blog pages.
16. Cracked Walls
These 14 brilliant cracked wall brushes can be applied to backgrounds and abstract images, adding distressing effects for a grungy aesthetic. Each wall is high enough resolution to be used in digital, screen-based work, or for print layouts.
17. Combobrushez
This selection of vector-based brushes combines natural forms, dynamic abstract shapes and decorative graphics, perfect for blog, website, poster and flyer designs.
18. Technical Brushes 250x
This brilliant set features 250 pixel brushes offering techno-chic with circuit board, electrical engineering and science-inspired symbols and diagrams.
19. Real Smoke
Great for using in abstract digital art, web or print designs; this collection of 108 brushes are crafted from photographic images of real smoke. By applying colour gradients and transparency effects, users may achieve some superb effects.
20. Dreamon Shape Brushes 02
This versatile set of eight vector shapes can be applied to any screen or print project; this preview shows how the shapes can be applied to text, with great results.
21. Splatter Brushes
A set of 11 paint splatter brushes, all in hi-res so can be used for quality print purposes in addition to web-based projects. Digital designers can build up layer upon layer of these brushes in different colours to make expressionist painting-style creations.
22. Arc’s Rivets and Metal Brushes
This set offers 138 industrial-themed brushes including rivets, screws, bolts, wielded and riveted seams, vents and holes; perfect editions to grunge and tech-style web designs.
23. Smokey Fire Brushes
Fifty brushes are on offer in this pack, great for adding fire, smoke and swirling heat to backgrounds and abstract art projects.
24. Massive Splatter Pack
This collection of 23 hi-res spatter brushes is really useful for any artist looking to include splashes paint, blood or other fluid in digital print projects.
25. Euphoria Brushes
Finally, this set offers 24 crisp abstract vector brushes, which can be applied to a variety of projects, adding tech-textures to anything from web pages to music-related posters and flyers.

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